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Shanghai International Pet Fair And TICA Global Cat Competition 2018

The 2008 Shanghai International Pet Exhibition and TICA World Famous Cat Competition (SPF CHINA), as the annual closing exhibition of China's pet industry, has been highly recognized and actively participated by the pet industry at home and abroad. The last exhibition brought together tens of thousands of the most active manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and distributors in the industry. Retailers and other professionals.

SPF CHINA has become a well-known trade negotiation platform in pet industry at home and abroad. The exhibition is the preferred platform for brand promotion, relationship network establishment, channel development, new product release and livestock owner interaction, whether it is for Chinese brands to open up distribution channels at home and abroad or for foreign brands to enter the Chinese market.

20 + annual exhibition industry experience with professional planning and promotion, strict operation management and excellent service spirit dedicated to the brand exhibition, 400 + professional pet medical institutions jointly explore the development vane of pets, 1500 + brand merchants stationed to invite large brands at home and abroad to participate in the rapid development of the pet market, to promote the upgrading of pet consumption More than 100,000 pet lovers and more than 100,000 interested spectators visited, spread pet knowledge, promote pet culture, and lead the development of pets.

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TICA world famous cat race

TICA International Cat Association is the largest cat society in the world.The most authoritative cat review institution registered with the world's largest purebred cats and domestic pet cats.It is one of the major organisations approved to hold cat exhibitions dedicated to promoting the development and protection of purebred and non-purebred cats.

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